Sciapod Foray

Food, folklore, pharmacy and photos.

Vivia Bamford - foraging
Photo credit Claudia Gannon

From free food to medicines for broken bones via witches, the devil and shiny horses.

A journey through plants, their traditional and modern uses including some of the rules and regulations relating to finding your own food.


  • Talk (45-60 mins)
  • Talk and Walk (timings variable depending on the site)
  • Photo foray, talk and walk at photo speed
  • Festival Foray

Examples – WI talks, Birthday tour of the allotment hedges, Aldeburgh Food Festival, Gressenhall – Festival on the Farm

Foraging Basket


5 thoughts on “Sciapod Foray

  1. Hi When do you run the foraging courses . I met you at the suffolk show this year and you gave me a leafelet but i only just got the chance to contact you.


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